Best Apps for Thanksgiving Recipes

Apps to store and share Thanksgiving recipes

Recipes are important year-round, especially around the holidays.

Here are the top 5 apps for storing and sharing recipes.

1. Twos

Twos: the best place to write *things* down

If you love lists, you’ll love Twos.

Twos is a list app to store, collaborate and share lists quickly and easily.

Twos is free and available on any platform, perfect for the whole family.

2. AnyList


AnyList is also a list app.

AnyList is great for lists and recipes, which can also be shared fairly easily.

AnyList is $9.99/mo to use it on any device, create folders, and plan meals.

3. Notion


Notion is more complex, but provides powerful customizations.

If you are not highly technical, Twos or AnyList would be a better option.

Notion is $4/mo to share with over 5 people.

4. Craft


Craft is a beautiful document app.

If you prefer documents to lists, Craft may be for you.

Craft is $5/mo for over 1,000 *things*, collaborating with more than 5 people, and exporting options.

5. Evernote


Evernote has had mixed reviews over the past few years.

If you are looking for basic documents and the ability to share, Evernote may be right for you.

Evernote is $8.99/mo to use on all of your devices, more storage, and manage tasks.

Happy Holidays!

#SharedFromTwos ✌️



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