Best Apps to Organize Your Life (2023)

41 all-in-one productivity apps to organize your life in 2023

Parker Klein ✌️
6 min readNov 27, 2022

We have more information to remember and things to do than ever before.

It is so important to organize our lives so we don’t forget things.

Here are the best productivity apps to organize your life all in one place.

1. Twos


Twos is great for daily notes, reminders, lists, to-dos, calendar integration, collaboration, and sharing.

Twos thrives on its simplicity, speed, and ability to keep track of the little things.

Twos does not support file attachments, markdown, and backlinks.

Price: Free

2. Noteplan


Noteplan is great for daily notes, documents, tags, backlinks, reminders, scheduling, and tasks.

Noteplan is a bit more complicated but it is a great all-in-one system.

Noteplan is not free and is not supported on Android and Windows.

Price: $12/mo

3. Amplenote


Amplenote is great for daily notes, tasks, calendars, backlinks, and reminders.

Amplenote is not free and is a bit more technical.

Price: $8–25/mo

4. Routine


Routine is great for calendar integration, scheduling, tasks, meeting notes, and reminders.

Routine is not as useful for capturing smaller pieces of information, lists, and random notes.

Routine is currently in early access.

Price: Free

5. Agenda


Agenda is great for daily notes, tasks, calendar, and documents.

Agenda is a bit more complicated and there are more customization options.

Agenda is not supported on Android and Windows.

Price: Free



Mem is great for notes, tasks, tags, automation flows, AI search, and calendar integration.

Mem is missing reminders and structure.

Price: $0–10/mo

7. Notion


Notion is great for documents, databases, tables, files, integrations, and templates.

Notion misses basic calendar integration, reminders, and to-dos.

Notion is one of the most customizable, but also time-consuming tools on this list.

Price: $0–8/mo

8. Logseq


Logseq is great for outlining, backlinks, task management, daily notes, and flashcards.

Logseq is missing tasks and reminders.

Logseq does not have collaboration but thrives on privacy and local storage.

Price: Free

9. Craft


Craft is great for documents, daily notes, calendar, and templates.

Craft is missing to-dos and reminders.

Price: $5–10/mo

10. Emery


Emery is great for events, tasks, notes, and collections.

Emery is a bit more complicated and isn’t free, but it is a nice, all-in-one option.

Price: $4.5–7/mo

Other apps considered

There are a lot of great apps out there.

The remaining apps have been left off the main list based on their complexity or missing a crucial feature to organize your life in one app (to-dos, reminders, notes, calendar, lists, etc.).

If you haven’t found the one you are looking for, here are a few more options to consider:

Roam — outlining, backlinks, research, daily notes. $15/mo

Superlist — getting things done with a team

Apple Notes — missing days, reminders, to-dos, journaling. Free

Evernote — missing days, reminders, events. $0–15/mo — only for to-dos. $0–5/mo

Obsidian — missing days, reminders, calendar, simplicity. $0–16/mo

Things3 — Great for tasks. Missing notes, days, calendar, lists, random things

Scrintal — Great for whiteboarding and visual thinkers. Missing to-dos, reminders, calendar, notes

Anytype — pages, documents. Missing days, calendar, tasks, reminders. Free

Tana — great for outlining, tags, bi-directional links. Missing calendar, simplicity. $10/mo

Reflect — Great for calendar, daily notes, backlinks. Missing to-dos, reminders. $10/mo

Supernote — Great for thoughts, daily notes, outlines. Missing reminders, to-dos, calendar. $6/mo

OneNote — Great for documents. Missing calendar, reminders, to-dos

Clover — Great for daily notes, tasks. Missing calendar, reminders

TickTick — Great for to-dos, reminders, calendar. Missing notes

Capacities — Great for notes, backlinks, daily notes. Missing free features, simplicity, reminders, tasks

Bear — missing days, lists, reminders, tasks, random things. $0–2/mo

Acreom — days, calendar, tasks, events. Missing mobile and reminders. $0–9/mo

Simplenote — missing days, reminders, to-dos, calendar

Trello — only for tasks and project management

Asana — only for tasks and project management

Monday — only for tasks and project management

ClickUp — all-in-one tool with docs, tasks, whiteboards, chats. Maybe too much power for basic, daily use. $0–12/mo

Workflowy — missing days, reminders, simplicity

Todoist — only for tasks, reminders are paid

Day One — very cool for weather, location, time, map, misses tasks, reminders, lists

Keep — missing days, tasks, reminders, calendar

Tasks — only for tasks

Drafts — only for documents, no tasks, reminders, days, remembering random things

RemNote — great for notes, flashcards, daily notes, outlining. Missing days, reminders, tasks, calendar

Dynalist — outlining, tags, backlinks, markdown, collar. Missing days, reminders

OmniFocus — task management, project management, missing notes, days, simplicity

Did I miss any?

Please let me know your favorite app to stay organized in the comments.

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