Best Note-Taking Apps For Students in 2023

10 best note apps for students in 2023

Students have a lot to remember and keep track of.

Writing things down is a crucial part of a student’s life.

Here are the best note-taking apps for students in 2023.

1. Twos

All-in-one with notes, lists, daily notes, tasks, reminders, events, and calendars.

Excels at simplicity with power.

Collaborate and share lists with teachers, classmates, and friends.

Twos does not have file attachments and drawing.

Price: Free

2. Noteability

Great for visual note-taking and templates.

Solid iPad app with Apple Pencil.

Record and replay audio notes.

Price: $12.99/yr

3. Apple Notes

Basic notes and folders.

Basic formatting and sharing within the Apple ecosystem.

Only notes, no calendar, reminders, to-dos, journaling, etc.

Price: Free

4. Evernote

Solid document, folder, and file system.

Includes to-dos, but misses reminders, calendar, and events.

Available on all platforms.

Price: $0–15/mo

5. Roam

More technical outline notes with backlinks.

Does include daily notes.

Loved by researchers and professors.

Price: $15/mo

6. Notion

Great for documents, databases, tables, files, integrations, and templates.

Notion is one of the most customizable, but also time-consuming tools on this list.

Misses basic calendar integration, reminders, and to-dos.


7. NotePlan

Noteplan is a bit more technical, but a great all-in-one system.

Great for daily notes, documents, tags, backlinks, reminders, scheduling, and tasks.

Price: $12/mo

8. Craft

Beautiful documents, daily notes, calendars, and templates.

Does not include to-dos and reminders.

Price: $5–10/mo

9. Amplenote

Great for daily notes, tasks, calendars, backlinks, and reminders.

Amplenote is a bit more technical as an all-in-one solution.

Price: $8–25/mo

10. RemNote

Great for notes, flashcards, daily notes, and outlining.

Doesn’t include reminders, tasks, and calendars.

Price: $0–8/mo

Other apps considered

The remaining apps have been left off the main list because they are too simple and miss some basic features a student needs, are or because they are overly complex.

If you haven’t found the one you are looking for, here are a few more options to consider:

Obsidian — outlining. Missing days, reminders, calendar, simplicity. Price: $0–16/mo

Logseq — outlining, backlinks, task management, daily notes, and flashcards. Missing tasks and reminders. Free.

Google Keep — Simple notes. Missing days, tasks, reminders, calendars.

OneNote — Great for documents. Missing calendar, reminders, to-dos. Price: Free.

Bear — Notes with a tagging structure. Missing days, lists, reminders, tasks, random things. Price: $0–2/mo.

Simplenote — Simple, quick notes. Missing days, reminders, to-dos, calendars. Price: Free.

Mem — Great for notes, tasks, tags, automation flows, AI search, and calendar integration. Missing reminders and structure. Price: $0–10/mo.

Did I miss any?

Please let me know your favorite app to stay organized in the comments.

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Codin' + Oatin'. Former @Google @Qualcomm @PizzaNova. Programmer, reader, writer. Simply remember *things* w/ Twos (

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Parker Klein ✌️

Codin' + Oatin'. Former @Google @Qualcomm @PizzaNova. Programmer, reader, writer. Simply remember *things* w/ Twos (