Evernote Acquired: Here are the Top Productivity App Alternatives

Top productivity app alternatives to Evernote

Parker Klein ✌️
3 min readNov 17, 2022

Evernote was just acquired by an Italian technology company, Bending Spoons.

With the future of Evernote uncertain, here are the top personal productivity app alternatives.

1. Twos

Twos: the best place to write *things* down

Twos is new to the scene but has been making waves since early this year.

It is a lightning-fast platform, that helps people organize any *thing* going on in their lives.

Twos offers notes, to-dos, reminders, calendar events, and lists all-in-one, easy app and website.

It’s also free and available on all platforms.

2. Notion

Notion: all-in-one workplace

Notion was recently valued at $10B and is celebrated for its customization, templates, and databases.

Notion has a learning curve, but there isn’t much this platform can’t do.

Notion is mostly free, but can cost $4/mo for sharing with more than 5 people and more file uploads.

3. Craft

Craft: the future of documents

Craft provides a beautiful user interface and very robust documents.

Craft also incorporates a calendar with Google calendar integration.

Craft is currently only available in the Apple ecosystem.

The personal plan runs at $5/mo and the business plan is $10/mo.

4. Mem

Mem: the self-organizing workspace

Mem is the leader in AI in the note-taking and productivity space.

Mem is currently only available in the Apple ecosystem and its iOS app is currently in Beta testing.

Mem has a free tier, but its AI auto-organizing plan is $10/mo.

5. Evernote

Evernote: tame your work, organize your life

Just because Evernote is being acquired doesn’t mean it won’t continue to improve and be a viable option.

Evernote is great for document scanning and combines notes, tasks, and templates in one place.

Evernote is available on all platforms, but its free tier is only available on 2 devices.

The personal plan is $8.99/mo and the professional plan is $10.99/mo.

There are many great options out there.

I find these to be the best 5 alternatives to Evernote.

Personally, I use Twos because of its sleek design, ease-of-use, and ability to sync across devices.

If you haven’t found what you like, here are a few more options:

Google Keep, OneNote, Bear, Apple Notes, Noteability, Amplenote, Noteplan, Roam, Logseq, Obsidian, Notesnook, Reflect, Tana.

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