Evernote Price Increases. 5 Reasons to Switch From Evernote to Twos

Evernote increased its price from $6.99 to $12.99 per month.

This comes after news that Evernote was acquired by Bending Spoons late last year.

Bending Spoons acquired Evernote in Nov 2022

As a past Evernote user from 2013–2015, here are 5 reasons you should switch from Evernote to Twos:

1. Twos is free

Many of Evernote’s personal and professional features are available for free in Twos:

  • Sync between any number of devices
  • Connect your Google Calendar
  • Customize your menu, actions, sounds, and suggested times
  • No max number of lists and things you can capture
  • Get offline access on mobile and desktop
  • Add due dates, reminders, and notifications to your tasks
  • Manage tasks in one place

2. Twos is all-in-one

While Evernote recently added to-dos last year, they were added as an afterthought as Evernote is a note application.

Twos is not a note-taking application, it helps you remember things — notes, to-dos, reminders, calendar events, lists, and memories — in one quick and easy system.

My day in Twos with to-dos, events, notes, reminders, and sublists

In Twos, unfinished to-dos can carry over each day, you can set up recurring to-dos, and easily see all of your to-dos across all of your days and lists.

3. Twos help you organize *things*

Since Evernote is a note-taking platform, every time you have a new thought or idea, you need to create a new note. Similar to Apple Notes, this can quickly become messy and unorganized.

With Twos, each thought or idea is a thing written and organized on a day or a list and can easily be moved between days or lists. You also have the added context of other things on your day or list making it easy to find anything you’re looking for.

A bunch of *things* on my day

Twos is a simple system to organize things rather than needing to create a new note for each thought or idea.

You might have a ton of thoughts and ideas throughout the day, which is why you have a list called “Today” to organize your thoughts and provide context for the years to come.

4. Twos is organized like life

Again, Twos is not a notes app.

How many notes do you have going on in your life? Now, how many things do you have going on in your life?

Twos is a simple system of days, lists, and things to help you remember things.

Similar to your life, every day is a new day, so every day in Twos you get a new day to write and remember things.

Remember *things* from your past for years to come

You can treat it as a journal, use it to plan out your days, integrate your calendar to see your events, and even set reminders automatically with automatic date detection while you type.

The system of Twos keeps things organized for the future.

5. Twos is focused on the future

Over here at Twos, we realize that life is only becoming more complex in terms of information management. Our mission is to help people write, remember, and share anything, and we believe a major step is ditching rigid, unconducive systems (like documents and notes).

Not only are things quicker and easier to capture, organize, find, and share, they also give us the flexibility to continue to innovate, while at the same time keeping it simple.

While Evernote successfully set the foundation for digital notes, they have failed to evolve these past few years — a problem that is further illustrated by the price hike.

At Twos, we’re focused on providing a simple tool that people say “works just like my brain,” but is also revolutionizing the way people capture, organize, and share information. and we’re just getting started.

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Codin' + Oatin'. Former @Google @Qualcomm @PizzaNova. Programmer, reader, writer. Simply remember *things* w/ Twos (www.TwosApp.com)

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Parker Klein ✌️

Codin' + Oatin'. Former @Google @Qualcomm @PizzaNova. Programmer, reader, writer. Simply remember *things* w/ Twos (www.TwosApp.com)