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3 min readFeb 2, 2024

“This is the ultimate peace of mind app — allowing you to put down your ideas quickly and succinctly, and follow up later.” — Aaron Hill on Product Hunt

Our mission: Help people live organized, productive & memorable lives


1,282 daily active users (+319), +33% MoM

Twos DAUs

3,968 weekly active users (+1,097), +38% MoM

Twos WAUs

25% new user weekly retention, +1% MoM


Wrapped 2023 (Users wrote over 5.2M *things* in 2023)

Twos Wrapped 2023

Drag and drop *things* between days, lists & sublists on web

Save custom AI prompt

New user checklist on mobile

Talking to users and running user studies


Nominated for Personal Productivity tool of the year in 2023

Weekly marketing experiments (App Store (Keyword + Basic), Snapchat, Twitter)

Apex Ignite internships newsletter campaign

Short-form content (TikTok, Reels, Shorts)

4 new interns from Dr. Jody Tompson’s University of Tampa MBA program

9 pieces of earned media

The apps, movies, games, and everything else we loved in 2023

Why I use 4 different note-taking apps | by PKM Beth | Jan, 2024 | Medium

To do list app tier list 2024 — YouTube

How I Remember Things with Twos

Never forget anything important to do again | early stages podcast

Chapter 9 of Twos [Reminder, Introduction Page, and Artificial Intelligence Translator]

One Year of Twos! | CodeMacLife

My Favorite Tech in 2024 — Marshall Beyer

PARA Method: One PKM & To Do List App to Organize Your Life

February product roadmap

Talking to users

Interactive walkthrough onboarding

Drag and drop improvements on mobile

SMS integration outside of the US

Twos World categories

February marketing plan

Weekly marketing experiments

Testing shared list campaigns with influencers

Long/short form content

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