Future’s Albums, Mixtapes, & EPs Ranked

Is Future the best rapper of all-time? Top 5?

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5 min readApr 29, 2024


I’ve recently been listening through some of my favorite artist’s discographies.

I decided to do Future’s and was shocked by a few facts.

Future has 35 projects out. Future is 40 years old. Future didn’t put out his first project until he was 27 in 2010.

That’s 35 projects in 14 years.

I ordered the project from favorite to least favorite and wrote down my favorite songs on each project.

Let me know if the comments what your favorite project is or any other artists I should listen to. Thank you!

Future’s “High Off Life”

1. High Off Life (2020)

Trapped in the Sun, HiTek Tek, Touch the Sky, Solitaires, Ridin Strikers, One of My, Posted with Demons, Hard to Choose One, Trillionaire, Harlem Shake, Up the River, Pray for a Key, Too Comfortable, All Bad, Outer Space Bih, Accepting My Flaws, Life Is Good, Last Name, Tycoon, 100 Shooters

Future’s “I Never Liked You”

2. I Never Liked You (2022)

712PM, I’m Dat N****, For A Nut, Puffin On Zootiez, Gold Stacks, Wait For U, Love You Better, Massaging Me, Chickens, We Jus Wanna Get High, Voodoo, Holy Ghost, The Way Things Going, I’m On One, Back To The Basics

Future’s “Hndrxx”

3. Hndrxx (2017)

My Collection, Coming Out Strong, Lookin Exotic, Damage, Use Me, Incredible, Tesitfy, Fresh Air, Neva Missa Lost, Keep Quiet, Hallucinating, I Thank U, New Illuminati, Turn On Me, Selfish, Solo, Sorry

4. The Wizrd (2019)

Never Stop, Jumpin on a Jet, Rocket Ship, Crushed Up, F&N, Call the Coroner, Talk Shit Like a Preacher, Promise U That, Stick to the Models, Overdose, Krazy but True, Servin Killa Kam, Baptize, Unicorn Purp, Goin Dummi, First Off, Faceshot, Ain’t Coming Back, Tricks on Me

5. Pluto x Baby Pluto (w/ Lil Uzi Vert) (2020)

Stripes Like Burberry, Marni on Me, Sleeping on the Floor, Real Baby Pluto, Drankin N Smokin, Million Dollar Play, Plastic, That’s It, Bought a Bad Bitch, Rockstar Chainz, Lullaby, She Never Been to Pluto, F-Off Dat, I Don’t Wanna Break Up, Bankroll, Moment of Clarity

6. Streetz Calling (2011)

Made Myself a Boss, Same Damn Time, Running Through a Check, Ball Forever, The Way It Go, Never Be The Same, Gone to the Moon, Word to My Muva, Unconditional Love, If You Knew What It Took

7. Purple Reign (2016)

All Right, Wicked, Never Forgot, Drippin (How U Luv That), Inside The Mattress, Hater Shit, Salute, Bye Bye, Perkys Callin, Purple Reign

8. Wrld on Drugs (w/ Juice Wrld) (2018)

Jet Lag, Astronauts, Fine China, Red Bentley, Make It Back, Oxy, 7 AM Freestyle, Realer N Realer, No Issue, Wrld On Drugs, Afterlife, Ain’t Living Right, Hard Work Pays Off

9. We Don’t Trust You (2024)

We Don’t Trust You, Young Metro, Ice Attack, Type Shit, Claustrophobic, Like That, Slimed In, Magic Don Juan, Runnin Outta Time, Fried (She a Vibe), Everyday Hustle, GTA, See It All, Where My Twin @

10. We Still Don’t Trust You (2024)

Drink N Dance, Out Of My Hands, Jealous, Luv Bad Bitches, Amazing (Interlude), All to Myself, Nights Like This, Beat It, One Big Family, Red Leather, Streets Made Me A King

11. Monster (2014)

Monster, Fuck Up Some Commas, Throw Away, After That, My Savages, 2 Pac, Hardly, Mad Luv, Codeine Crazy

12. Evol (2016)

Ain’t No Time, Lil Haiti Baby, Seven Rings, Lie To Me, Program, Low Life, Fly Shit Only, Wicked

13. What a Time to Be Alive (w/ Drake) (2015)

Digital Dash, Big Rings, Live From The Gutter, Diamonds Dancing, Scholarships, Plastic Bag, I’m The Plug, Change Locations, Jumpman, Jersey, 30 For 30 Freestyle

14. Super Slimey (w/ Young Thug) (2017)

All da Smoke, 200, Cruise Ship, Patek Water, Feed Me Dope, Drip on Me, Real Love, Killed Before, Mink Flow, Group Home

15. Future (2017)

Rent Money, Mask Off, High Demand, Outta Time, Might as Well, When I Was Broke, Used to This, Extra Luv

16. DS2 (2015)

Thought It Was a Drought, Where Ya At, Stick Talk, Kno the Meaning, F*ck Up Some Commas

17. Dirty Sprite (2011)

Dirty Sprite, We Winnin, Watch This, Pop Them Bands, Yeah Yeah, We On Top, Old Hunndeds, Much More, I Got Yo Bitch, Stand

18. Pluto (2012)

You Deserve It, First Class Flight, Same Damn Time, Tony Montana, Trust Gonna Hurt You, Go Harder

19. Superfly (2018)

What’s Up With That, Walk On Minks, Tie My Shoes, Stains, Show My Chain Some Love, Bag, Drive Itself, Money Train, Nowhere, Capone Suite, Georgia

20. Honest (2014)

Move That Dope, Honest, I Won, Never Satisfied, Special, Benz Friendz, I’ll Be Yours

21. Beast Mode 2 (w/ Zaytoven) (2018)

Cuddle My Wrist, Racks Blue, 31 Days, When I Think About It, Some More, Hate The Real Me

22. 56 Nights (w/ DJ Esco) (2015)

Never Gon Lose, March Madness

23. Save Me (2019)

Please Tell Me, Shotgun, Love Thy Enemies

24. Astronaut Status (2012)

My Ho 2, Shopping Spree, Rider, No Matter What

25. 1000 (2010)

Yeah Yeah, Statistics, All The Time, Stop Playing

26. Kno Mercy (2010)

Old Hundreds, Thug Song

27. FDU & Freebandz: Reloaded (w/ Stuey Rock) (2011)

We Don’t Luv Em, Same Damn Time

28. True Story (2011)


29. FDU & Freebandz (w/ Stuey Rock) (2011)

Tony Montana

30. Beast Mode (w/ Zaytoven) (2015)

Where I Came From

31. No Sleep (w/ DJ Esco) (2013)

Maison Margiela

32. Free Bricks 2: Zone 6 Edition (w/ Gucci Mane) (2016)

33. F.B.G: The Movie (w/ Freeband Gang) (2013)

Bitches Love Me

34. Free Bricks (w/ Gucci Mane) (2011)

Stevie Wonder

35. Black Woodstock: The Soundtrack (w/ DJ Esco) (2013)

Blow Them Bands

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