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How to Sync Calendar Events in Twos App

How calendar events sync works in Twos App

Parker Klein ✌️
2 min readJan 12, 2024


All calendar events sync through the Twos mobile app.

The sync comes from the mobile phone’s main calendar application: Apple Calendar on iOS, Google Calendar on Android.

Sync your calendars in the side menu > settings > integrations > calendars.

If you’re on an iOS device and have trouble syncing your Google Calendar or Outlook calendar, this video may help:

Since all syncing occurs on the mobile app, if you add an event to your calendar on web or desktop, or expect an event that was updated on your external calendar of to be updated in Twos, you’ll need to open the Twos mobile app first.

On iOS, if your calendar event is every not updating, it may be because Apple Calendar has not updated yet.

Does Twos support 2-way sync?

Yes, once your calendars have been added, you can select which calendar to add reminders to while creating the reminder or after the reminder has been created by clicking on it.

Why not direct links to Outlook or Google Calendar?

We’ve decided to go through the mobile app since it allows us to connect to any calendar client through a single integration instead of building individual connections for each calendar client on each platform (iOS, Android, web, Mac, Windows, Linux).

In the future, we will support direct integrations with each calendar client to improve the sync speed and multi-platform support.

Twos is a small company with only so many resources so we appreciate your understanding in the near term.

Is an integration with Apple Reminders coming?

Yes, we’re very excited about this integration, have done our research, and will implement this as soon as possible.

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