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2 min readSep 22, 2019

There are levels to life

What level are you on?

Are you thinking about you? me? this entire world?

What are you thinking about?

Truly, what are you thinking about?

Are you thinking about food? Are you thinking about your weight? Are you thinking about the next thing (or current thing) you’re building or helping build?

Is there something you dislike that you think about all the time?

Can you do something about?

Then you better do that, because not doing that thing is keeping you on the same level

If you do the things that you know you need to do, you will free your mind on to the next level

You no longer need to think about that thing anymore because you took care of it, and now you get to think about other things

Next level things

You didn’t even like thinking about that old thing. You would rather be thinking about something else

Think about all that free thought you just freed up

What will you like thinking about?

How can you do more of it so you get to have more time thinking about it?

That’s the next level

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