One decision to eliminate a million decisions

Every day we are confronted with *things* we want to remember.

Someone’s name, a movie recommendation, something you need from the store, or an assignment at work.

Typically, we’ll do one of two things…

  1. Say “Oh sh*t, I need to remember that” and spend the next few hours or days worrying about what we need to remember in the back of our heads.
  2. Reach for the nearest piece of paper, sticky note, notes app, or text/email ourselves.

We’ve all done this countless times and STILL forget things.

This can all be solved with one decision…

That decision to use Twos to remember *things*.

Twos: an app and website to help you remember any *thing*

Twos is not a notes app. Twos is an app designed to remember *things*.

Not just notes, events, tasks, or reminders, but all these *things* in one place.

A view of my day with some *things* I want to remember in Twos

With Twos, you can stop worrying about forgetting *things* and quickly capture any *thing* you want to remember.

Download Twos for free and use it on your computer at to start remembering *things* today ✌️



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