Perfecting Your Pitch by Garage Technology Ventures

Your pitch has to accomplish three things:

  1. Tell a clear, compelling, easy-to-repeat story — the story of an exciting new startup.

Cover Slide: Company name, location, tagline, presenter’s name and title.

Slide 1: Company Overview.

Slide 2: Market Opportunity.

Slide 2.1: Opportunity Size.

Slide 3: Solution.

Slide 3.1: Delivering the Solution.

Slide 4: Benefits/Value.

Slide 5: Technology/Secret Sauce/Intellectual Property.

Slide 6: Competitive Advantage.

Slide 6.1: Competitive Advantage Matrix.

Slide 7: Go-to-Market Strategy.

Slide 8: Business Model.

Slide 9: Financial Projections.

Slide 10: Key Milestones/Financing Requirements.

Team Slide.

Summary Slide.



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