The Best California Burrito in San Diego

#1: Kotija Jr.

#2: Nico’s

#3: Cotixan

#4: Lolita’s

#5: Ortiz’s

#6: Rudy’s

#7: Roberto’s

#8: Caliente’s

#9: Rigoberto’s

#10: Sol y Mar (no photo)

Last on the list is a more traditional Mexican restaurant called Sol y Mar. This is a restaurant my family likes to go to for dinner. It is not a taco shop. You most likely aren’t ordering it to-go, they serve you chips and salsa as soon as you sit down, and they have a place you can watch ladies hand make the tortillas. This California burrito is last because if you are really looking for a California burrito, you should get a more authentic experience at a taco shop. Ingredients: carne asada, fries, guac, salsa, cheddar cheese. The burrito was served to be eaten with a fork and knife, but you know I had to eat it with my hands. It leaked salsa and oil from the carne. Had a nicely cooked, flakey tortilla. Beautifully marinated carne. Not enough guac. Fries were seasoned and very tasty. Not enough cheese. This was one of the best-tasting burritos due to the carne, fries, and guac, but it never felt like a true California burrito.



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Parker Klein ✌️

Parker Klein ✌️


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