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1 min readSep 27, 2019

The state or situation of being alone.

I think we could all use a bit more solitude.

Time alone, time by ourselves, time to listen and learn about ourselves.

Time to reflect on our life here.

Time to reflect on our experience here and how it relates to everyone else’s experience here.

We truly are alone in our experience.

Sure, you can share experiences with other people, but they are having an experience completely their own.

Their own experience of reality.

Solitude is good. You learn about yourself. Your desires, your dreams, your talents.

And from there we can create and share with others.

Solitude helps you get to know yourself better. Helps you love yourself a little more. Because you realize you are truly what you have. And if you are all you have, you take care of you a little more, you listen to you a little more, you become a little more you.

Make time for solitude. Learn to love solitude. And you’ll love everything else a little more.

Thank you for reading!

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